Friday, January 20, 2012

Want to win?

Do you want to win a custom print or a set of 6 blocks?

Head over to Gambizzle Jewels 5,000 Fan giveaway on Facebook!!!

All you have to do is pay $10.50 for shipping and you get up to 6 blocks!!

The print doesn't cost anything!  I do one up for you and email the print to you!!

Head over to the 5,000 fan giveaway album.  Agree to the terms on the first picture, then find KBCC's photo of the print and the blocks, like my Facebook page and comment on the block and print picture!  She will randomly choose a winner on the 26th!!

While you are there check our her awesome work and like other pages to enter to win more prizes!!!

HERE is her Facebook page
HERE is the photo album

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bingo for KBCC...

is going on until 10:00pm tonight!!!

Head over to THIS status and put in your five numbers 0-75 and we will pick numbers starting at 10:00PM tonight and will notify you if you have won!!!

I will be picking a couple of blocks sets for the winner to choose one!!!

Come and join in!!  Bingo is played once a month on KBCC's Facebook!!