Tuesday, August 30, 2011



Getting this blog up and fully running is taking a lot longer than I thought it would!  And now with my online classes starting, I think it might take a little longer.

Between work, making blocks, doing WAY too many reviews and giveaways for my main blog, and trying to get in time for Scott and the fur babies, I'm pretty busy!  I'm hoping to catch up on the reviews and giveaways this weekend (since it's a three day weekend) and doing homework.  If I have any extra time I will fully complete this blog this weekend and have a "Grand Opening".  Yeah, I know I have had this little business for a couple months now, but I want to have an "actual" grand opening...With sales and freebies and other goodies!  I will be doing work on it little by little this week, so changes will be happening here and there!!

So, if you are following along on this blog, keep on following because it's going to be fully running (hopefully) soon!!

Thanks for sticking with KBCC!!