Sunday, November 6, 2011


I did a little crafting last night and was so excited when I thought of a way to make hats for snowmen!!


How cute are these!?!?
They make the snowmen so much cuter!

A set of 4 is only $15!! 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vistaprint is fabulous!!

New brochures!!!  They are FULL of information!!

KBCC magnets!!!

Looking for a unique Christmas gift, but don't know what they would like?  KBCC now has gift certificates!  We will send the gift certificate straight to the recipient!!

Christmas cards for my customers!!

New Thank you cards!! :)

Postcards with special offers!! is AMAZING!!  I'm always getting great free offers from them!
They do fabulous work as well!

I received all of this stuff for FREE!!

I paid $10 for shipping and that was it!  It's over $100 of stuff for FREE!!

I have ordered many of things from them and I keep going back because they are awesome!!

Another e-mail address

I have added another e-mail address to the business...

Eventually, I will be having one of them deleted, but since I still have a bunch of stuff with the on them, I will keep both of them for awhile...

So now it's either or