Monday, October 31, 2011


After three months of being open, KBCC is having their GRAND OPENING!!

Now that I have had some business and have made A LOT of blocks to be sold!!

For the Grand Opening, I'm giving EVERYONE 25% off their order!!
Now until November 30th, if you place an order and you mention the words GRAND OPENING, you will get that 25% off ANYTHING, even pre-made products!!

If you send 5 or more people my way (either "liking" on Facebook or following this blog) you will get 10% more off, so that would bring it to 35% OFF!!  Make sure you have the people you send my way write who sent them on this post (if they are following) or write on Facebook who sent them, if they are "liking" in there!! When placing an order mention GRAND OPENING AND 5ORMORE! Good until November 30th!

I want to THANK everyone for allowing KBCC to happen and to be a somewhat success!!

KBCC is growing everyday and I don't have anyone but all you and Scott to thank!!


While you are here, check out all the pages...Some photos have been added!!  Facebook will have a new photo album to make purchasing the pre-made ones easier!  So look for the FOR SALE!! album!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


KBCC is getting a new face lift!!

I'm designing a whole new background for this!!  The whole background seems a little too busy (don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the background and design) But I'm looking into creating blogs right now and I want my business to have it first.  It isn't going to be something too fancy, it will have the same red, black, white, ladybug, and dots, but Katie's version!!

This means I'm getting CLOSER to doing the grand opening!!! YAY!!